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 new - new year

new Review of 2018 / New Year 2019 Quiz (THIS IS NOT THE CURRENT YEAR REVIEW)

Welcome to our New Year Quiz section; the perfect quiz items to test quizgoer's knowledge of the year we've just left behind.  Our Review of the Year pub quiz covers a range of topics from 2016 such as news, movies, sports, music etc.  The accompanying picture, table, speed, and music quizzes are all themed on events from the year we've just left behind, with questions such as...

Q - Who did the 'Suits' actress Meghan Markle start dating in late 2016?

A - Prince Harry

New Year 2019 Full Monty Quiz (inc music, pictures, table, and speed rounds) - £8


Christmas Quizzes

We have a great selection of quizzes to make this your most enjoyable Quizmass to date!!  Question such as...
Q - Which Christmas number one hit begins with the line "Snow is falling, all around us, children playing, having fun"? 
A - Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens
new Christmas Mini Monty 2019 (Quiz, Pictures, Table, and complimentary audio music round) - £6.50


Welcome to our Halloween Quiz section, where you will find some scary quiz solutions.  Our Halloween Quizzes follow our normal quiz format with a scary slant - legends, horror movies etc.  Our Halloween Picture Quizzes feature a selection of images from classic and contemporary of horror movies.   Great Halloween questions such as...

Q - Which actor played Dr. Peter Venkman in `Ghostbusters`?

A - Bill Murray

new Halloween Mini Monty 2019 (Quiz, Pictures, Table) - £6.50



new - st pats

St Patricks Day Quizzes

Quizzes all about the Emerald Isle and all things Irish, the perfect companion to a pint of Guinness.  These quizzes have the same format as our usual pub quizzes but with an Irish influence such as Irish Connections and Irish Who am I?  A super St Pats quiz priced from just £2, with questions such as...

Q - In the song "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," what can you hear in the lilt of Irish laughter?

A - “The Angels Sing”

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new - scotland
Scottish Quizzes - for Burns Night & St Andrew's Day

We have a couple of great Scottish orientated quizzes, which are perfect for a Burns Night or St Andrew's Day themed quiz night.  Questions such as...
Q - What is the name of Scotland's oldest university?
A - St Andrews

Scottish Pub Quiz - £5

Scottish Picture Quiz - £2

new - football

Football Quiz

A quiz all about international football and perhaps the greatest sporting event in the world both past and present - includes full pub quiz, picture quiz, speed round, and complimentary music round.  Questions such as...
Q - Who is the most-capped Brazilian player of all time?
A - Cafu

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